Newturf Drive Charts For 2200m Stayers

The following is a complete drive chart for all horses racing over 2200m at It is fully interchangeable with our 1600m drive chart i.e. a horse that needs to be ridden at 120 points over 2200m should also be ridden at 120 points over 1600m. Remember to make the necessary adjustment according to fitness value and please also refer to the notes at the bottom of the page when preparing rides for 1-2 year old horses.

My thanks to Chase Bloodstock and Haras Tunis-Carthage for their assistance in putting this together.

Day of taking square Points
Stamina [2] 95pts [1] 86pts

Stamina [3] 1st day
2nd/3rd Day
4th/5th Day
6th/7th Day
8th/9th Day
10th/11th Day
12th/13th Day
14th Day
Stamina [4] First day111WVPUUUUUUUU
2nd/3rd day112WWAUUUUUUUU
4th/5th day113PPAAAAUUUUU
6th/7th day114WVVUUUUUUUU
8th/9th day115VVVAUUUUUUU
10th/11th day116PPPAAAUUUUU
12th/13th day117PPPPPUUUUUU
14th/15th day118VVVPUUUUUUU
16th day119WVVAUUUUUUU
Stamina [5] First day120VPPPPUUUUUU
2nd/3rd day121VVVVUUUUUUU
4th/5th day122WVVPUUUUUUU
6th/7th day123WWVAUUUUUUU
8th/9th day124PPPPAAAUUUU
10th/11th day125PPPPPPUUUUU
12/13th day126VVVVAUUUUUU
Stamina [6] First day128VPPPPPUUUUU
2nd/3rd day129VVVVPUUUUUU
4th/5th day130WVVVAUUUUUU
6th/7th day131VVPPPPUUUUU
8th/9th day132VVVVVUUUUUU
10th/11th day133PPPPPPPUUUU
12th/13th day134WWVVAUUUUUU
14th/15th day135PAAAAAAAAAU
16th day136WVVVVUUUUUU
Stamina [7] First day137VVVVVAUUUUU
2nd/3rd day138VAAAAAAAAAU
4th/5th day139PPPPAAAAAAU
6th/7th day140VVVVVPUUUUU
8th/9th day141PPPAAAAAAAA
10th/11th day142WWWWAUUUUUU
12/13th day143VVVVVVUUUUU
14th day144VVAAAAAAAAA
Stamina [8] First day145WWVVVAUUUUU
2nd/3rd day146PPPPPPPPAUU
4th/5th day147PPPPPAAAAAA
6th/7th day148VVVVVVAUUUU
8th/9th day149PPPPPPPPPUU


10th/11th day150VVVAAAAAAAA
12th/13th day151VVVVVVPUUUU
14th/15th day152VPPPPPPPPUU
16th day
Stamina [9] First day154VVVVVVVUUUU
2nd/3rd day155VVPPPPPPPUU
4th/5th day156VVVVAAAAAAA
6th/7th day157VVVVVAAAAAU
8th/9th day158WVVVVVVUUUU
10/11th day159VVVVVVVAUUU
12/13th day160VVVVVPAAAAU
14th day161VVVVVVVPAUU
Stamina [10] First day162VVVVVVVVPUU
Stamina 10163VVVVVVAAAAU
Stamina 10164VVVVVVVAAUU
Stamina 10165VVVVVVVVVUU
Stamina 10166WVVVVVVPUUU
Stamina 10168WVVVVVVAAUU
Stamina 10169WWVVVVPAAUU
Stamina 10.99170WWWVVPPAAUU


The following adjustment should be made for yearlings and two year old horses:

for a value from 111 to 116 remove 8 pts
for a value from 120 to 126 remove 7 pts
for a value from 128 to 134 remove 6 pts
for a value from 138 to 145 remove 5 pts
for a value from 158 to 162 remove 3 pts
for a value from 164 to 167 remove 2 pts

FV 9.5
+3FV 3.5-1
+1.5FV 2.75
FV 8+2FV 2-2
+1.5FV 1.25
FV 6.5+1FV 0.5-3
22 pointsWhipped (W)
18 pointsVery prompted (V)
15 pointsPrompted (P)
12 pointsA little prompted (A)
7 pointsUnprompted (U)