Beginners’ Guide To Buying Horses At

This is a basic guide, intended to assist new players in making their first horse purchases at and avoid the pitfalls made by most newcomers in the early days of their virtual horse racing careers.
An orange square at 9 for speed means this is not a good purchase for racing purposes.

Other than breeding, there are three main avenues to acquiring a horse at These are Fixed Price Sales, Auctions and Claiming Races.


It is strongly recommended that new players stay well away from the auctions until they have been playing the game for at least a couple of weeks and have a much better understanding of the game, what makes a good quality horse and what represents value for money. It is true that there can be some great bargains to be found in the auctions but they are few and far between. There is much more junk than gold and there is plenty that might well fool an inexperienced player into paying for something completely useless or paying well over the odds for moderate stock.

You will see plenty of cheap bundles of horses in the auctions and you might find something worthwhile amongst them from time to time but generally speaking, they are cheap for a good reason. They might well cost you very little to purchase but chances are they will cost considerably more to run them if they are not capable of picking up any prize-money.

Claiming Races

Claiming races are by far the best and safest option for a new player. This is where you can find fair quality horses that you can reasonably expect to win low-level races with and enable you to have some early successes on the track without impacting severely on your wallet. Claiming prices typically vary from €0.10 to €3. There are still some points that should be taken into consideration when choosing your purchases, however.

  1. Stick to horses that win or at least finish in the first two in their races.
  2. To avoid potentially weak affairs, stick to races of five runners or more.
  3. Keep to horses of 4-7 years of age. Younger horses may well be precocious types reaching the end of their usefulness while 8 year old horses must retire at the end of the month and are likely on the downgrade.

Bear in mind that winning a €0.10 claiming race does not mean the winner can reproduce that effort in a €3 claiming race or indeed, a non-claiming race. Keep your purchases to a similar grade and chances are they can reproduce their winning form for you.  This is a great way to learn the game and practise your rides

Fixed Price Sales

Buying horses from the Fixed Price Sales while just getting started in your virtual horse racing career carries much the same potential pitfalls as buying in the auction but as it is not as time-sensitive, at least diminishes the likelihood of making snap, rash decisions. Claiming races are still a much preferred method but if you keep your purchases small and stick to the same suggested age group, you can at least limit the risk.

A helpful hint that may assist you in steering clear of some of the worst buys is to never buy a horse you intend to race if it is under 4 years old and has a final (orange/red) square for speed at anything other than ten (see image.)