Choosing A Trainer Or Choosing To Train

One of the first, important decisions a new player will be faced with at is whether they should employ the services of a professional trainer or take on the task for themselves. It is strongly recommended that in the early stages of your newturf career, you opt to entrust your horses to a seasoned professional.

Newturf.comThe reason for this recommendation is simple – newturf is not the easiest game to learn and training is one of its most complex aspects. Even without  training at this stage, there is an already bewildering volume of information to take in and learn. It may be that you are keen to train your own horses but it is better to outsource this task at least until you have a good understanding of the rest of the game. In reality, most experienced players choose to employ a trainer indefinitely but for a newcomer, it would certainly be a wise decision.

Most of my own horses are entrusted to Tfk782, currently newturf’s most successful trainer. Tfk782 is a french player but also speaks english reasonably well. He charges 5% on winnings only, no payout – no fee.

Members of Team Buzz and also our spanish team, Viva! Buzz, can take advantage of specially discounted rates offered to us by leading trainer, Julius. Although his standard rates are higher, team members are catered for at just 2% on winnings only, no payout – no fee.

Members of our second english-speaking team, The Syndicate, can take advantage of the special rate of 4% from team trainer, Max Dynamic. Max is Australian making communications that little bit easier. Syndicate members are now also able to send their horses to top trainer, Arnels at the special rate of 5%.

If, having come this far, you are still convinced that you want to train for yourself right from the word go, we can at least help make the task a little easier for you. This training tool, designed by Julius, when used correctly will produce excellent training results for your horses every time it is used. Please be aware though that this is intended to be a learning aid only and is no substitute for a professional trainer in the long term.