Which Horse Racing PC Game?

There are a number of horse racing games available for the PC, including some of those that will be familiar to games console users. Here we will highlight some of the key features of each of the main contenders to help you choose which horse racing PC game is right for you. Please note that care should be taken to ensure that the game you choose is compatible with your own system, as PCs can vary considerably in specifications.

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Platform: Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Ages 12 years and over.
“The No.1 horse racing simulation that delivers entertainment for everybody! Train, own, race, breed and bet on your own string of race horses as you bid to become the world’s greatest race horse manager. Take part in all the big races in the open ended, unlimited-play game world, featuring races from the Melbourne Cup to the Aintree Grand National!”
Highly rated and popular PC game series, this is primarily a horse racing simulation game and will suit those who enjoy strategy and management games over action.
Platform: Windows XP / Vista

Ages 12 years and over.
“I know absolutely nothing about horse racing but the game was very easy to pick up but not too easy to play that you got bored. For me its the perfect game when I feel like playing something a little different.”

Horse Racing Manager 2 has three modes of game play – stable, betting and racing mode. The first two options are again based on stable management and simulation. The racing mode provides an action based alternative, enabling you to take the role of a jockey and ride horses live in the races. This means that Horse Racing Manager 2 has options to suit both strategy gamers and action game players too.