Which Horse Racing DVD Game?

To clarify, the games covered here have nothing to do with horse racing race nights software but rather are interactive dvd horse racing games. This type of interactive dvd games were very popular a few years ago but are less common these days. There are still quite a few different ones available on the market but many of them are poor quality compared to what is available on other formats. However, there are still a couple of titles that are worthwhile and good fun, especially for get-togethers and nights in.

Derby Day

Format: PAL, Region 2

Interactive horse racing game, with a choice of realistic 3D animated horses to bet your money against, and with a host of other interactive features.

“I was a little dubious in buying a horse racing DVD, as there are some out there that only have a handful of races, which means the playability is drastically reduced. They can also be a tad complicated to play.

This one is different. As it uses computer animated races (like you get on the TV games channels) – you get a different race every time. It’s simple too. Just place your bets and watch the race. The photo finish at the end confirms all the winners. The next race then begins. There are 8 races in each Derby.

The game comes complete with money, betting board, marker pen and lucky horseshoes (for doubling your winnings!) Although the board only caters for 4 players, you can team up and make things more interesting.

I am so glad I took the plunge. The quality of the races are great, with totally atmospheric commentating. The music and in-between race introductions are done extremely well. If you want a simple game that requires no reading of instruction manuals then this one is for you. It’ll be a sure fire hit with your family and friends at Christmas too. Nothing like a good shout-at-the-telly game to get everyone going.”

First Past The Post

First Past The Post combines the thrills of both horse and dog racing, in a double dvd set. Everything is contained on the dvd, you study the form, you place your bets and it calculates your winnings. There are over a thousand different racing sessions per dvd, for you and your buddies to enjoy. Study the form and the odds, bet to win or each way. Invest your virtual one hundred pounds wisely and you will make thousands!

“Great fun had by all ages – initially brought as a fun night in with all the family during the dark winter nights but has now turned into a regular fixture.”


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