Which Horse Racing DVD Game?

Horse Racing DVD games have been around almost as long as DVD players themselves. Some come as basic DVD games, intended for play with family and friends and evenings at home in front of the TV. Others are complete kits which can still be used as party games but can also form the basis of themed events and charity fundraisers. Such kits will contain things like paper money, betting slips and tickets.

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Cheatwell Games – DVD Race Night 4

Undoubtedly the market leader, Cheatwell Games DVD Race Night provides everything you need to host your own race night. This set would be suitable for playing at home with family, a themed party evening or occasional charity fundraising events.

  • Select the race and study the form of each horse.
  • Check the odds and the jockey’s skills.
  • Place your bets then watch the race!
  • Check the results & collect your winnings from the bookmaker.

Box contains DVD, form book & rules, bookmakers ledger & dry wipe marker, £50,000 ‘cash’ & betting cards.

Race Night DVD Vol 5

The main rival to Cheatwell’s game, this contender is well suited to fundraising events. The kit comes complete with everything you need to host an event.

This fifth edition in this popular series contains 10 UK horse races (5 jump & 5 flat ) plus 2 bonus races to help you raise extra funds on the night. All races are live action and filmed at prestigious UK racecourses. Before each race, you hear an amusing form guide for each of the 8 horses. During the race, an exhilarating commentary talks you through the position of each horse. After the race, the details of which horses came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th are displayed on the screen. It is ideal for use at fundraising events because the commentator refers to the horses only by their number, rather than mentioning their names e.g. “horse number 3 is in the lead”. This allows the user to create their own horse names and – more importantly – it enables you to play the races in any order. This means that the audience has no way of knowing which horse wins.

Pack also contains:

  • 1,280 betting tickets. The tickets are numbered, and each race is a different colour, so that you can easily calculate payouts & profits
  • Free CD-ROM including betting instructions, printable posters, race cards, Excel betting spreadsheet, tri-cast etc.
  • Also contains an A3 race card and an A3 advertising poster to help you promote your event.

Virtual RaceNight Professional

Virtual RaceNight Professional differs from other fundraising race night events DVDs. It provides a complete race night system out of the box. The distinctive use of computer graphics to generate the race footage ensures that consistency is maintained with every race. This makes it very difficult to determine the outcome of races, even after many viewings. This means that the package can be reused many times over.

A fully menu driven dvd game that randomly selects from 40 possible race outcomes. All races are on the flat and over a distance of one mile. Each race features 8 numbered horses. All race footage has been generated by computer animation to add consistency. Races last approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds each, and the winner is clearly indicated at the end. Numbered indicators display the 3 leading horses at every stage of the race, and a progress bar shows the distance left to run. A photo finish is displayed as standard. There is no limit to the number of races that can be played at a session. The DVD will continue randomly selecting races until you decide to stop racing.

The included CD-ROM contains additional printable materials to use during your race night. These include:-

  • Tote Calculator Spreadsheet
  • Tote Ledger
  • Race Card
  • Poster
  • Full Event Guide.

To use the CD-ROM, a PC (Windows only) capable of reading MS Word or Adobe Acrobat documents and an attached printer are required. The Tote Calculator Speadsheet requires a program capable of running Excel spreadsheets, such as MS Excel or Open Office Calc.

Derby Day

Interactive horse racing game, with a choice of realistic 3D animated horses to bet your money against, and with a host of other interactive features.

This one is different. As it uses computer animated races (like you get on the TV games channels) – you get a different race every time. It is simple to play. Just place your bets and watch the race. The photo finish at the end confirms all the winners. The next race then begins. There are 8 races in each Derby. The game comes complete with money, betting board, marker pen and lucky horseshoes (for doubling your winnings!) An older game but perhaps still relevant as it doesn’t rely on  live action and limited race variety.

First Past The Post

First Past The Post combines the thrills of both horse and dog racing, in a double DVD set. Everything is contained on the DVD. You study the form, you place your bets and it calculates your winnings. There are over a thousand different racing sessions per DVD. Can be enjoyed with family or friends. Study the form and the odds, bet to win or each way. Invest your virtual one hundred pounds wisely and you can make thousands! An older game an a budget option.

Frankie Dettori Champion Stakes

Perhaps not the most useful for events, this one can still provide some family entertainment. Another older game, the best thing about this one is the commentary from legendary jockey, Frankie Dettori. Select from one of ten famous racecourses and Frankie will provide inside tips to improve your chances of picking a winning horse.