Newturf – Best Online Horse Racing Game

What is Newturf all about?

Newturf is the next generation of virtual horse racing and the ideal simulation game for the horse racing or games enthusiasts. Based on more than 10 years algorithmic research and development, Newturf is the most sophisticated and realistic online horse racing game ever created. Join like-minded people from around the globe as you train, breed, ride and race your virtual equine athletes against friends and rivals, all in startling, live 3D action. Buy and sell gallopers, hurdlers and trotting horses in the auctions.

Virtual racing, real winnings

Newturf virtual racecourseNewturf differs from some other online horse racing games in that all transactions are based on real money, adding to the excitement and realism. Virtual horses competing for real cash purses. All virtual racehorses at Newturf are born with a unique set of abilities. Each has its own predetermined preferences to goings and distances. Speed, stamina, response to handling and fitness are just some of the factors which affect a horse’s performance at the track.

Newturf has no vested interest in the outcome of races; stable owners race against each other. Newturf’s role is limited to providing its gaming software platform and facilitating cash settlements between players.

Newturf is a skill and betting game regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.


NewturfThe breeding of virtual racehorses is one of the most strategic aspects of playing the game at Newturf. Each new horse is given a specific genetic code at birth. Abilities and traits are attributed to a foal according to its breeding and are influenced by both the sire and the dam. The breeder of a horse retains 7% of a horse’s winnings and so this has the potential to be very lucrative. A breeder must discover a stallion with the characteristics he desires and then must negotiate a fee for the covering with the stallion owner. This process is, of course, much simpler when utilising a stallion from his own yard. Regular information is provided to a breeder of all the mares and foals in his care. Even after foals have been sold on to other players, the breeder is still able to track all the foals born in his stable and monitor their careers through a list which is provided for him.


Newturf RacecourseAt Newturf, virtual horses are entered and run for real cash purses in virtual races. Dividends are paid out to the winner and placed horses down to fifth place, depending on the race. There are three codes of racing for three types of horses. There are flat race horses, hurdlers and trotting horses. Horses may only participate in a race of its own type.

Every horse in the Newturf world is unique with a distinct genetic makeup and characteristics. Its performance in races are determined by various factors, the main ones being speed, stamina, flexibility and obedience.

The Stable Owner, the Trainer and the Jockey can all make decisions which will also have a direct impact on the horse’s results.

(Newturf is currently open to non-US citizens only.)

View Racing Action at Newturf

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