Digiturf Player Profile – Chrisman

Digiturf ChrismanAlias: Chrisman

Location: Queens, NY, USA.

Game: Digiturf

Winner of more than 6,000 races, including more than 20 Championship events, Chrisman is the undisputed king of Digiturf.com.

In his five years as a member, Chrisman has amassed more than 35,000 races and maintains a win strike rate of 18%. With in excess of $700,000 in career earnings, he sits second on the Digiturf all-time money-earners leaderboard, behind only the legendary PillButt in the Hall Of Fame.

Macka Fat Wins Digiturf.com Juvenile Stayers Championship.We caught up with Chrisman between races to pose him a few questions.

What is the best name you’ve ever given to a virtual horse and why?

Macka Fat: Named in honor of Classic Reggae Album by one my my favourate musicians, Jackie Mittoo (very special musician, album and song.)

What has been your best value purchase in either an auction or claim?

I’ve had a few good purchases from auction. Off the top of my head, I would say Crown Son ($500) as a 3yo. He won the Triple Crown Stayers and an Arlington Gold Cup (so far – will be looking for more next season – lol)

What keeps you interested after so many seasons of playing?

The competition and the addictiveness of the game. Also, one can “win loads of cash.”

Yes folks, you heard it here first – you can make loads of wonga over at digiturf.com, at least you can if you’re as good as Chrisman!

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