Newturf Legends – An interview with Tilucky

What does it take to succeed at Newturf? Well, why not ask the leading all time owner Tilucky his thoughts on what it takes to make it to the top. I managed to catch up with this Newturf legend in the grandstands at Vincennes, France in between Team Cup races. A mutual friend, Mr Babelfish, acted as our translator for the interview.

Newturf.comO.R. “Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. First question. Have you played any of the other online horse racing games?”

Tilucky “No, this is the first time I have played any sort of horse racing management game.”

O.R. “What is your proudest moment here at Newturf?”

Tilucky “Probably when I won for the first time the Championnat des Vans, which recognizes the best all around player in the game.”

O.R. “What is the best way to find a good horse at Newturf?”

Tilucky “I look at the rankings with the weight handicap in mind and then I make my selection. I also look at the horse’s last races and see where the other horses are now competing.”

O.R. “The game is now opening up to new markets. What are your thoughts on this?”

Tilucky “If we want to strive to have big competitions with big prizes, we need the greatest ones (players). There are a growing amount of players on the game so I see it as a very good thing because there will be more and more countries that will have potential players.”

O.R. “What if any improvements would you like to see made to the game?”

Tilucky “The game improves all the time and evolves all the time. I think a nice addition would be to have points of drive that can predict the finest drives (especially 1600).”

O.R. “What is your advice to new players joining Newturf?”

Tilucky “Everything depends on the ambitions of these new players but if they make a breeding stable, it must be done with some very good stallions and try to get the best possible broodmares. Also be aware that it will take many months of patience and learning to be very, very good.”

Thanks to Tilucky for taking time to share his thoughts and advice with Buzz readers on one of the busiest racing weekends of the month.

Well that’s all for now. Hope to see you on the track at Newturf!

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