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To promote the forthcoming opening of pool betting on Golden Races* and by way of introduction to’s exclusive new tipping column, Max Marks Your Card, we will be running a virtual horse racing tipping competition throughout the month of May, with four weekly prizes of €10 to give away.

Newturf.comEach day, where Golden Races or other feature events** take place on, our resident tipster, Max Dynamic, will choose one race and attempt to select the winner of that race. Participants are invited to nominate their own idea of the event winner in an attempt to do better than Max. At the end of each week, the participant with the best results based on a point system will be rewarded with the €10 prize if their score is better than the one achieved by Max. If Max’s score is equal to or better than anyone else’s, Max will be awarded a €10 bonus for that week. Full terms and conditions as below. Good luck!

The competition runs for the four calender weeks in May, Monday through Sunday, commencing Monday 2nd May 2011.

One race will be chosen by Max for each day of the competition where there are suitable races taking place. Suitable races are Golden Races, Team Cup Finals, Team Sprint Cup Finals, Breeders’ Cup Finals, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Cheltenham Royal Derby, Prix d’Amerique.

Points are awarded according to the finishing position of the selection and the number of runners in the race. One point is scored for each horse beaten in the race i.e. if a selection finishes first in a field of ten, nine points are scored. No points are scored by horses that fall in hurdle races.

The race chosen by Max and his selection will be the one featured in his Max Marks Your Card tipping column or on days where no column is produced, will be announced in the Newturf section of our forum.

Fields for Golden Races are set at 5pm game time (CET) (GMT+1) on the day before the event takes place and cards can be viewed at this time. The time of closing of other feature events may vary.

Max’s race choice and his selection for that race will be made available either via his column or on the designated forum thread no later than 2pm (GMT) on the day of the race.

Participants must make their selections known either by posting on the designated forum thread or, if they wish their selections to remain private, by sending a sitemail to the admin prior to 6pm (GMT) on the day of the race.

Participants need not make a selection every day but will not accrue any points on days when selections are not made. Selections noted after 6pm (GMT) on the day of the race will be disregarded.

The weekly winner will be the participant who has the highest points tally at the end of the calender week, providing he/she has produced a higher points tally than that of Max.

The €10 prize will be paid to the winner during the course of the week following the end of the week in which the competition took place, once all scores have been added and verified.

The prize will be paid to the winner by purchasing any horse of the winner’s choosing for the sum of €10. Although non-members may participate in this competition, it will be necessary to register for a free membership at in order to collect the prize. Please note that it will be necessary to have made at least one cash deposit to your account in order to be able to process this transaction. is currently unable to accept memberships from within the USA.

*Pool betting on Golden Races is available to UK and Ireland residents only. **Feature events are: Team Cup Finals, Team Sprint Cup Finals, Breeders’ Cup Finals, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Cheltenham Royal Derby, Prix d’Amerique.

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  1. All Good Matt.. looks like you really set me up for a grilling now LOL Bring on the competition i’m ready 🙂

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