Max Marks Your Card – 8th May

Welcome to today’s features, futures and daily fixtures, 8th  May 2011,

Golden Race – Sakhee Derby a Flat 1600m Group I on the good with 10 starters,  added €30.00 in race sponsorship with 1st place bagging €16.06 out right.

Well its nice to see a good race up and a fairly full field as well. There are some familiar faces around and none other than our own Dinamo74, he has his sizzling hot fill,  Ma Bcr ready to rock in what seems to be a fairly hot Group I.

Newturf.comWell today I’m looking at King wind bzh from the barn of Lulu bzh, this 4yr old is in great form coming off a massive win on the 5th in the Manduro Derby, a Group II event. King wind bzh has a tack change with blinkers going on for the bonus. So I will look no further and pick him as my out right fav! I didn’t want to look past my own team mate Dinamo74 who has an excellent chance here and I hope he proves me wrong!

Principle Danger:

This would have to be in-form Ruse De Brey from Greg88. Stable got 2 of his starters ITM  at the Manduro Derby, Ruse De Brey coming in 2nd place. This time out it looks like Greg88 has had a jockey and a trainer change, so we will see if the has hindered the chances today.


My Picks:

  • King wind bzh outstanding, looks to be improving no end.
  • Ruse De Brey solid form.
  • Ma Bcr Fingers crossed mate




P.S. This is the last day for the tipping comp bonus, this will be the end of week decider in points!

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  1. Oh well, i see the week out with a 3rd, and Rick gets his man comin in 2nd! well done guys

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