Nine 9’s Challenge

The Nine 9’s competition Structure:

The closing of registration on the 18th at 23:00pm, the first race on the 21st over 1000m, second race on the 22nd over 1600m, third race on the 24th over 2200m, fourth race on the 25th over 30000m.–  The rules –

Requirement I
Creation of the monthly competition called “Nine 9’s Challenge” meant solely for horses 3 to 5 years in the categories (Hurdle – Flat – Trot) and whose last squares are Speed 9 (RED) and Stamina 9 (RED)

Each stage has 9 events
Hurdles: 3 years – 4 years – 5 years
Trot: 3 years – 4 years – 5 years
Flat: 3 years – 4years – 5 years

Each owner can pre-nominate as many horses as desired by category and age, provided that the criteria Speed 9-Stamina 9 is respected. Owners must make their horses squares visable prior to nomination of the 1st race to verify their entries are eligible.

On the day of the race, each owner will choose 3 horses (maximum) by category and age, among all those he/she pre-nominated.

Entry Fee’s:
The entry fee is €0.30  per horse nomination and per race.  All nomination money will be donated to the team account in advanced, no later than the 19th and will be used as race sponsorship.

Eg: Nominating 5 horses, 5x .30 = €1.5 to be donated to team account by owner.

Points Structure:
There will be a ranking by points to determine the Ultimate Winner, this horse will be the best of the best over all distances.

The point system will be as follows:
8 pts for the 1st (meaning 8pts for the horse finishing first from a race)
7 pts for the 2nd
6 pts for the 3rd
4 pts for the 4th
3 pts for the 5th
1 pt beyond 5th place

Tied with the most points!

With 2 or more horses finishing on the same amount of points, in this case there will be a play off over 2200m, to be run the day after the last race of the competition.

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