Team Buzz Stallion Directory – August 2011

These are current Team Buzz stallions for the month of August. Any of these stallions are available to Team Buzz members at cost price, providing the member has at least one stallion listed in the directory themselves. All produce of stallions belonging to Barnes Stable that appear on this list qualify for a €5 bonus if they win a final of the Calumet Cup, the team’s end of season championship races, provided they are born in the stable of a Team Buzz member and remain in the same member’s stable until after these races take place.

Flat Stallions:

Eric Northman Wins (444248) (Jumpstarter Stables) (€111.48)

HoF 3000m

éclair de cathe (447356) (Calumet Farm) (€95.70) Born 3-3-3-7, Peak 9-9-8-9

Winner Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe at 1yo, Team Cup placed at 1yo, Golden Race placed at 2yo.

Sasha Midday Wins (444552) (Jumpstarter Stables) (€91.74) Born 3-3-3-3, Peak 9-9-9-5

HoF 1600m, Handicap 110kg

Placed Arc de Triomphe at 2 years.

Frisson Caladois (455024) (Richard1) (€45.39) Born 3-3-3-6, Peak 9-9-7-8

Sp4:03/02, St4:18/02, F4:01/02

Golden Race winner at 1yo and Team Sprint Cup 2nd at 1yo.

Hurdles Stallions:

Egyptien de Céhème (456193) (Barnes Stable) (€39.24) Born 3-3-3-5, Peak 9-9-7–

Sp4:04/03, St4:04/03, F4:04/03

2 x Golden Race winner at 2yo

Sire of Breeders’ Cup winner, Elle gagne du charme

Craig Brooklyn (448411) (Barnes Stable) (€35.07) Born 3-2-3-7, Peak 10-9-10-9

Team Sprint Cup Runner-up at 4yo, winner at 5yo, placed 3rd at 6yo.

Samy Rakomungan (451139) (Barnes Stable) (€32.39) Born 3-3-3-5, Peak 10-7-10-7

Golden Race winner at 1yo and 2yo.

Team Sprint Cup at 1yo and 2yo.

Sp4:03/01, St4:09/01, F4:01/01

Superman des Haies (463343) (Barnes Stable) (€29.38) Born 3-2-3-5, Peak 9-6-7-6

Golden Race winner at 1yo, Team Sprint Cup placed at 2yo

Leapfrog (458078) (Barnes Stable) (€26.76) Born 3-3-3-5, Peak 9-9—

Sp4:04/03, St4:04/03, F4:03/03

Liverpool Cup winner at 1yo, Cheltenham Royal Derby 3rd at 2yo, Golden Race placed at 2yo

Unavoidable Stream (455646) (The Midnight Club) (€21.88) Born 3-3-3-4, Peak 9-9-7-6

Golden Race placed at 2yo

Gagneur de Céhème (465012) (Jumpstarter Stables) (€20.77)  Born 3-3-3, Peak 10-9-8

Golden Race placed at 2yo

Trotting Stallions:

Videur de Karm’s (449291) (Chase Bloodstock) (€72.24) Born 3-3-3-7, Peak 9-8-7-8


Team Cup Final – 5th @ 1yo, 2nd @ 2yo.

Prix d’Amerique – 2nd @ 1yo, 2nd @ 2yo.

Criterium des Jeunes- 5th @ 1yo.

Criterium des 2 ans – 4th.

Stockholm Cup – 3rd @ 2yo.

Urban Legend glr (441371) (Chase Bloodstock) (€46.39) Born 3-3-3-7, Peak 9-9-7-9

Breeders Cup Final – 1st @ 1yo.

Prix d’Amerique – 4th @ 1yo.

Criterium des 2 ans – 3rd.

E T de l’étang (453064) (Chase Bloodstock) (€33.50) Born 3-3-3-7, Peak 8-8-8-9

Critérium de vitesse winner at 1yo, Team Sprint Cup runner-up at 2yo

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