Horse racing games for Xbox

It used to be the case that fans of horse racing were well supported with an abundance of video games across all the major consoles. In recent years, however, there has been a distinct lack of new games releases forthcoming.

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In the early 2000s, we saw a number of franchises, including Winning Post and Tecmo’s Gallop Racer. Perhaps the best known of all though was Koei’s G1 Jockey series. Following the merger of Koei and Tecmo, these series culminated with Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey and Gallop Racer. Initially released in 2011, the series finale was available for Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.

With a lack of subsequent releases, Champion Jockey remains one of the leading choices for Xbox horse racing fans.

Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey and Gallop Racer

Use the Xbox360 Kinect to drive your horse, use your whip, jump fences and experience real life horse racing action. In addition to controlling their horse, players must understand its unique rhythm, potential, stamina and preferred racing style to truly master the game.

Race on a total of 19 different tracks inspired by real world horse racing venues, including American-style tracks focusing primarily on dirt tracks and steeplechases, and traditional turf courses.

You don’t need to be a serious horse racing fan to race in Champion Jockey. A ‘Fun Race Mode’ tones down the simulation levels of authenticity to maximize the fun of using motion controls to race horses.

Horse Racing 2016

Yash Future Tech are responsible for the shockingly poor Horse Racing 2016. The highly original title of this one is an indication of just how uninspiring this simulation really is. It fails in terms of both presentation and game play and it is hard to justify even the bargain basement price-tag, Seriously, unless you’re looking for a good laugh this is definitely one to avoid at all costs.

Phar Lap – Horse Racing Challenge

The ride of your life! Or so goes the spiel.

“Experience the thrill and thunder of racing with the pride and prestige of building your own stable of champions. Make history and build a brighter future in Phar Lap – Horse Racing Challenge!”

The reality is that the newest entry to the list of xbox horse racing games (and the only significant release in some time) is somewhat underwhelming. It has some positive aspects – it looks pretty decent, there are plenty of tracks to choose from, breeding, betting and racing – all the expected and necessary elements are there. The commentary is quite good too, which does add to the enjoyment of the races. It is, however, a little lacking in depth. No steeplechasing for jump racing fans here.

If you were hoping for something like an updated G1 Jockey, this doesn’t quite deliver. But, for some light entertainment with family or friends, perhaps a race night, it does a reasonable job.

Our recommendation: Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge

Alternative: Champion Jockey

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  1. Phar lap horseracing challenge would be a good game if it was possible to win , but no matter how much your Sprint bar is filled , that all run away and leave you standing from about 200 metres from finish. It’s totally impossible to win

    1. Sorry to hear you’re struggling to get decent results Daniel. Hopefully you’ll get it figured out or perhaps an experienced player might be able to offer some advice.

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