HorseRacingPark – Most realistic horse racing game

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own thoroughbred racehorse? This is your chance to do so at a fraction of the normal costs. Discover what it is like to be an owner and watch as your horse gallops down the home stretch with a shot at landing in the winners’ circle. Compete against other virtual horse owners in an online community. The competition is tough. Do you have what it takes?

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate text or image links. We may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase a product after clicking on one of those links. We have no further material connection with any individual company or vendors whose products may be shown. is a virtual horse racing game with the realism factor turned up. You take ownership of your own stable of horses where you train and race them. You are in control of their racing careers and you decide when to retire them. Once retired their career still may not be over. You then have the decision of whether to breed them and who to breed them to. Establish your own bloodlines in the virtual horse racing world. Analyse pedigrees, conformation, past breeding match-ups, track performance, and much more to determine what may and may not work in the breeding shed.

Horse Racing Park

Free or pay-to-play options

Horse Racing Park (or HRP) is a pay-to-play game. It can be played for free indefinitely – simply use your vouchers to claim free horses and run them at the free track for as long as you wish. However, if you wish to take on a community of players from around the globe, breed the very best and race at the highest level for the top prize money, then you will need to invest in and develop your stable.

HRP is perhaps our top choice of all the pay-to-play games. It certainly raises the bar over most of the entirely free options that are available. The game has the latest graphics and offers the most in-depth gameplay. It is an all-round, highly detailed and probably the most sophisticated horse racing simulation we’ve seen. This is a game for the purists and serious horse racing enthusiasts. If we were to have one small gripe it is that the game is very American. We would have liked to see a more international flavour.

Getting started with 5 free horses

When signing up at you will receive instructions through the internal mail system on how to redeem free horses. You can take these horses and race them at the free track. There is absolutely no cost to do so and you can continue to do so for as long as you like to learn the ins and outs of the game before taking on the challenges of the pay circuit. No strings attached. You decide if and when to move to the pay side of the game. What could be better than that?

Sign up through and you will receive five free horses to get you started. It doesn’t stop there either – verify your account (you should always do this prior to redeeming your free horse vouchers as only verified members have access to the very best horses available) and you will be rewarded with a sixth free racehorse. All of this without spending a penny, just for signing up through and verifying your account!

Important!: Verify your new account – only verified accounts are eligible to receive the best horses. Verifying is also necessary in order to receive your sixth free racehorse.

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  1. Great game, too bad ownership doesn’t support the game, is bias against certain players. You pay the commish, u win races.
    Find a different hobby.

    1. We hear this sometimes about all the various games though haven’t encountered it ourselves. Shame to hear you’ve not had the best experience Max, it is as you say a great game.

    1. I confess Digital Downs is one game I’ve never played myself. I didn’t find it very appealing last time I looked around but perhaps the gameplay is better than first impressions.

  2. The used to be a game of skill. They have changed the private sales, so now I have to use PayPal or venmo to complete my deals. I have to continue to get my deals. Sorry.

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