HorseRacingPark Breeders Cup Ladies Classic Preview

The BC Ladies Classic at is such a strong race this year there is some who might say the winner would stand a good chance against the colts in the BC Classic itself. With two of the strongest three year olds on the site contesting as well as last years winner and one of the best four year olds there is no doubt that this is one hell of a race. I will attempt to do the runners justice in the following individual summary, good luck to all involved and lets hope they all come back safe and well.

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HorseRacingPark Longshots OTB Cup Wrap Up

This is Lucky McLuciano reporting from FE on this weekend’s FE Longshots OTB Cup!

What a race it turned out to be.  Negdogs Busanda was the race time favorite going off at even money. Could she pull it out for the fans at Fort Erie? Bloody Slow Horse got off to a great start on the rail followed by Negdogs Busanda and Nantan Victory. Dogmarta challenged the early speed and never gave up position.

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