Track King – World Class Free Horse Racing Game


Track King is an online stable management and horse racing simulation game. It as close to the real thing as you can get. The game is easy to play but difficult to master. A newcomer can jump straight into the racing action while a seasoned player can remain captivated for years to come. Anyone can enjoy this game, there is no real need to have any knowledge of horse racing to benefit. But avid fans of the sport will find a realistic simulation that will enhance their enjoyment of their favourite pastime.

A thriving virtual world

Track King is a thriving virtual world and stages as many as 800 races per day. Being a realistic simulation, you will find Track King has everything from low grade local racing to twice-weekly stakes racing. Feature cup races are held every weekend. Create your own races and compete with your friends. Racing at Track King is fun on every level, from the lowest to the highest. You will find yourself celebrating every victory. This is a game that can be played in just a few minutes each week but don’t be surprised to find yourself quickly engrossed and checking in on your stable at every spare opportunity.

Between races, there is still plenty going on to hold your attention. Try to breed the next champion racehorse or attempt to hook a bargain from the auctions. Choose your jockeys, manage trainers and vets to be certain your horses are receiving the best possible care. Add new facilities that will make your yard the best equipped in the business. Design your own silks to be carried in the races and be sure to pick something that will make your horses stand out from the rest of the field. Study racehorse genetics and find the best stallions to pair with your broodmares. Remember to keep a tight control of stable finances but should the worst come to the worst and you go bankrupt, you can always start over.

Complex algorithms for sophisticated gameplay

Race results are calculated using complex algorithms which take into account the horse condition and fitness, racecourse experience, weather and track and race distance. All this in addition to the ability and traits of the chosen jockey. During a race, your jockey will make choices based on their own style and personality. Players have the opportunity to groom their apprentice jockeys to develop one that best suits the needs of their horses. Many factors go into determining the outcome of a race and no race is ever the same.

All in all, Track King is the ultimate in free horse racing games online. Some premium features are available but it costs nothing to get started and you can continue to play completely free as long as you wish. Registration is simple and in just a few minutes, you could be managing your own stable and on your way to producing the next Track King champion. Good luck!