Max Marks Your Card – 24th May

Welcome to the last week of this month’s tipping comp. Well done to Sean for  a great win to take me down last week, some fine tipping going down in the process.

Tonight we are off to the Magellan Derby- Hurdling 1600m on soft turf.

Wow at 1st glance this race is a real “humdinga”  translated just means freak’n awesome.

So as I see it the 4 main contenders will be Menezik Ts, Novembre sur l’Eyre, SalutRoyale di Fiori and Mamie De Vitx. All of these have performed well in the Liverpool Cup 1600m except for Mamie De Vitx who is the only one to beat Menezik Ts on the soft turf and I think that will be significant.

Mamie De Vitx is a beaut little filly – she will make a very good broodmare, and is in foal as we speak. She looks to be more suited for the staying distances winning the 2200m Liverpool Cup Round1 in fine fashion from 12 by almost 1 length clear. Also she won the 1st round of the Team Cup over 1600m 10 days ago by almost the same margin. Truly a fine filly one of which I can only dream of owning 😉

My Picks:

1st:  Mamie De Vitx from stable Yvan974, will be 1 length clear

2nd:  Menezik Ts from stable Tilucky solid performer will be stalking

3rd: Novembre sur l’Eyre from stable LaurentdArcachon

This is shaping up to be 1 of the finest races for hedgers I’ve seen, great depth, it really could go 5 ways.

**  Double points if you can pick the winner  **

G/L    😉

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HorseRacingPark Breeders Cup Ladies Classic Preview

The BC Ladies Classic at is such a strong race this year there is some who might say the winner would stand a good chance against the colts in the BC Classic itself. With two of the strongest three year olds on the site contesting as well as last years winner and one of the best four year olds there is no doubt that this is one hell of a race. I will attempt to do the runners justice in the following individual summary, good luck to all involved and lets hope they all come back safe and well.

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