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Portman Park

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Discover the exhilarating world of real cash gaming combined with the sport of kings. Read all about what games are available online and take advantage of free virtual horse and game credit special offers. Select the game info button for further details on highlighted games or visit our comprehensive online horse racing games page to view all the games we cover.

Real Money Online Horse Racing Games:


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Claim 3 free horses! [Game Info]

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Just want to play for fun? You can enjoy the thrill of horse racing games online for free too and at Buzz we try to cater for everyone. Here we highlight some of the leading games or please visit our comprehensive free horse racing games listing page.

Free Online Horse Racing Games:


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Track King

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Console, PC and DVD Horse Racing Games:

Want to experience realistic horse racing simulation from the comfort of your living room, against a computer or shared with friends for an evening of fun and excitement? Try one of these PC, DVD or console horse racing games and immerse yourself in 3D virtual worlds. Choose from Champion Jockey for PS3, Xbox or Wii, Starters Orders or Horse Racing Manager 2 for PCs and Derby Day on DVD.