SIMHorseRacing – Realistic Free Virtual Horse Racing Game

This is a free fantasy horse racing game unlike any you may have played or even seen before. Here, you can race thoroughbreds, standardbreds, quarter horses and more, on dirt, turf and synthetic race tracks. An entire year of racing, from the Triple Crown to the year-end Championship events, is crammed into 16 weeks of action-packed game play.


With racing taking place five days each week, you can campaign your stable of virtual racehorses against players from all over the globe. Breed your mares, start your own stud farm and make executive decisions about bloodlines, which equipment to use and jockeys to employ. Study your horse’s pedigree along with past performances and manage its training regime and trials to discover which racing distance, surface and conditions will suit it best.

Detailed race result charts allow you to discover how the race played out and give hints as to what kind of runner you have: a front-runner, stalker or closer. Notes in running detail what occurred during the race and you can even see how much the winner paid on a $2 win bet!

Train your horses before they race to get the best indication of what surface/distance they will prefer and also to keep them fit between races.

SIMHorseRacing offers a host of sophisticated features, including:

– Results sent to you via SMS text message
– Listen to SIMHorseRacing podcasts
– Tune in for live, streaming broadcasts of the biggest events!
SIMHorseRacing has a diverse group of players from five continents, ready to welcome you to the to the world of horse racing simulation. What are you waiting for?