Sulkyland – Authentic Stable Management Game


Manage your stable of virtual racehorses and you can become a wealthy owner, a famous trainer, a champion jockey or a breeder extraordinaire. Sulkyland is a completely free horse racing game that allows you to take on numerous roles within the horse racing world. Here, you can accumulate a stable full of equine stars as an owner; become a trainer and nurture horses of your own or those belonging to others. Take the role of a jockey and hire yourself out to other owners for a fee. Specialize in breeding and buy and sell through the horse auctions. Place your bets and try to make your way as a professional punter. You can take on any one or a combination of these roles – at Sulkyland, the possibilities are endless!

Become an Owner

Buy your horses via the auctions or through sales in an attempt to build yourself a powerful stable that can compete at the highest level or play just for fun and take on your friends. At Sulkyland, there are unlimited opportunities to participate in a whole range of daily races. You can choose from flat racing, harness racing (trotting) or hurdles (steeplechase) racing or a combination of all three, if you wish.


Become a Trainer

Learn the craft of a racehorse trainer and develop training programs to ensure you get the best out of your horses. Walk, gallop or swim your horses in gentle exercise or more rigorous efforts, across a variety of terrains to bring your horses to peak fitness and attain their maximum potential. Train horses for yourself or share your expertise with other owners for a fee.

Become a Jockey

Practice the skills that will enable you to reach the top of the profession and achieve the dream of becoming champion jockey. Plan your race strategies and push your horses to their maximum for best results, while taking care not to push them too hard and lose the race. Master your trade and you can persuade other owners to hire you.

Become a Racehorse Breeder

Study the bloodlines and try to find the perfect matches for your broodmares. Select a stallion from your own farm or that of another owner and negotiate a fee for a mating that will hopefully produce the next Sulkyland champion. Buy and sell your broodmares and foals through the auctions for a profit or keep them and race them in your own colours.

Other game options include becoming a racecourse manager and controlling track finances, arranging and creating the most popular races that will guarantee success or participate as a racegoer and punter, discovering which bets will produce the most lucrative returns. Sulkyland really does cover all the bases and enables the player to become involved in whichever capacity they find the most appealing. Best of all, you can join now and play at Sulkyland for free.