Todays Results From Sprint Valley

Portman Park

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Currently unavailable.

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Results for all meetings from SprintValley will appear on this page, when available. Please note that we display results for today only, meaning that the page is cleared each day at midnight.

Races usually take place between 8am and 10pm, seven days per week. You can find listings of the race times and runner names on our basic SprintValley race card. The race card is normally available from around 10pm the previous day and fixed odds are added to the card prior to the start of racing each day, typically at around 8am.

SprintValley is a virtual flat racing venue produced by 49s Ltd. The races are shown 'live' in betting offices throughout the UK and elsewhere. The races are not currently available for live viewing online but some bookmakers do accept bets placed online for these races.

49s promotional video featuring virtual racing from SprintValley:

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