Calumet Cup Terms and Conditions

Competition is open to 1 year old horses, born in a Team Buzz member’s stable. No horses purchased post-natal will be eligible.

Heats take place on the 3rd, 9th, 16th and 23rd of each month. Finals take place on the 29th of each month. All races take place over both 1000m and 1600m and all three disciplines are catered for.

Participating members must have been a Team Buzz member since at least the 1st of the month in which the competition takes place.

Newturf.comThe first qualifying heat (on the 3rd of the month) is restricted to horses that were prenominated for the Breeders’ Cup. All other qualifying heats are open to all eligible horses.

A maximum of three horses per member may be entered into a qualifying heat on a first come, first served basis. If there should be more than six horses pending for any heat once the race is full, an additional instance shall be provided.

The winner of each heat is automatically qualified to the event final. Remaining places in the final are allocated according to a points system. One point is awarded to a horse for each horse that it beats in any qualifying heat. Eg. a horse that finishes 2nd in a field of eleven runners is awarded nine points.

Horses may take part in either the 1000m event or the 1600m event or both. Points awarded for heats over 1000m will only count towards qualifying for the final of the 1000m event and the same applies to 1600m races.

A maximum of twelve horses may qualify for the final of any event.

In the event of a tie for the last remaining berth in the event final, the horse with the fastest qualifying time will be given precedence.

The cost of entry to any qualifying event is €0.50. The cost of entry to an event final is €1.

Sponsorship is generously provided by Calumet Farm to the final of each event in the following amounts:

Calumet Cup 1000m 1y Flat €15
Calumet Cup 1600m 1y Flat €15
Calumet Cup 1000m 1y Trot €7.5
Calumet Cup 1600m 1y Trot €7.5
Calumet Cup 1000m 1y Jump €7.5
Calumet Cup 1600m 1y Jump €7.5

Additionally, Team account funds will be divided equally amongst the six finals, rounded down to the nearest whole Euro.

A bonus of €5 will be paid to any winning finalist that is the produce of a sire from the Barnes Stable.

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