Devil To Delight In See You Then

A narrow miss for Buzz tipsters on Saturday as our selection Boulcine was just touched off but the good news is that we have a strong selection to hopefully put things straight on Sunday. Just the one race to sink our teeth into but it is certainly an interesting one from a betting perspective. Two factors make this race particularly intriguing – the mid-range distance which may not suit neither sprinters nor classic horses ideally and also being a three year old race right at the point where late-developing types are just starting to trouble the precocious ones.


Mogadishu, who was a successful punt for this column earlier in the week lines up again and he is the only miler in the field making the attempt to come back in distance. Unfortunately, he is likely to be tapped for toe here but with the good level of prizemoney on offer and given that a number of the speedier types may not get home, he could well be hunting for a place.

The key to this race is whether or not the sprinters have sufficient stamina to last home over this extended trip. Had this race been over the minimum trip, we would be chalking up Petitbette Piet. This classy colt is likely to go off in front and may well possess more raw speed than anything else in the field. He is also likely to be comfortable with the prevailing ground conditions. However, we don’t believe he has the required stamina and expect him to fold. We believe the same will be the case for another of the leading speedsters, Mister Zed Mz.

This leaves Quebec Devil clear to take centre stage. He is a classy sprinter himself as he demonstrated when landing a Sprint Cup Qualifier earlier this term and unlike some of his opponents here, should also possess the necessary stamina to see out the trip. Suspicions are that he may prefer slightly faster ground than he will encounter here but I don’t expect that to be enough to prevent him from scoring here and he rates a confident bet.

The biggest danger to the selection may come from Jemchipsa Ballker. He has shown a good level of form too and looks likely to be at home on the ground. He can give the selection most to do and is one to consider for forecast backers.

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Quebec Devil to win. Combine with Jemchipsa Ballker for a reverse exacta.




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